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A ModuMath test is different each time it is taken. The reason has to do with the way the tests are constructed. Each test contains groups of questions based on a competency and each of these competency groups contains several questions. When a student begins a test, the groups are placed in random order. The questions within each group are also placed in random order. While it’s possible that a student could see the same question after repeated test taking -- it is unlikely.

Once students begin a test, they cannot quit until the test is completed. If a student uses Ctrl+Alt+Delete to exit a test (or turns off the computer) -- presumably to avoid recording a failed score -- the Student Activity report displays “Incomplete” for the result of that test. Otherwise, students see the test score when they have answered all of the test questions.


After completing a test, students can review or retake the test. Students can review a test as many times as they like. The option to retake the test is available only to students who didn’t pass the test.