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ModuMath HelpInstallationSystem Requirements 


The minimum hardware is a Pentium II 233 with 64 MB RAM (128 RAM is recommended). To view the multimedia lessons, student workstations require a CD-ROM drive (or DVD drive) and speakers.


This software is compatible with all 32-bit versions of Windows (starting with Windows 95). The software will also run on MacIntosh computers using Virtual PC.


Set the Color Palette at High Color (16 bit) or better. Screen graphics will appear muddled if the display is set at 256 colors. Font settings should remain at the default: small fonts. Changing the font settings to large fonts may distort the text displayed in the software.

The screens in this software are designed for a desktop area of 640 × 480. If the desktop is larger, the borders of the Windows desktop will be visible behind the software. (See Creating Classes for information on covering the desktop borders on student workstations.)


This program uses core fonts which are automatically installed with Windows: Arial, Arial Bold, Arial Bold Italics, and System.


Mpeg movies must open with Windows Media Player. This is the default file association for the .mpg file extension on Windows computers. Video files are external to the ModuMath software. By default, they are stored on a CD or DVD-ROM. You may also store the video files on a network. See the section on Video on the Network.