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Each lesson is divided into sections. Before a lesson begins, students select the section they want to study. On subsequent logins to that lesson, a reminder note tells students which section(s) they last worked in. Students always have a choice: they can work in a new section or repeat a section they studied previously.


Lessons consist of video instruction and learning interactions. Students can pause the video segment at any time; they can also replay part or all of a video segment. The button at the far left end of the movie controller will pause or play the video. Dragging the seek bar allows students to replay a video segment from any cue point. Click Replay Video to replay the segment from the beginning. Click Skip Video to stop the segment and jumps to the next screen.


The screen following a video segment is typically an interactive question. Students who answer the question incorrectly will see a video explanation of the correct answer, or an on-screen text explanation. Students who correctly answer a question receive on-screen validation, then move on to additional video instruction or practice problems.