ModuMath Help

ModuMath HelpInstallationQuick Start 

After installing ModuMath, verify the correct network setup by creating one class and a trial student.

  1. Open the admin.exe file. Use the password admin to enter the Records Management System (RMS) for the first time.
  2. Establish your own administrative password. Be sure you do not lose or forget this password.
  3. Register one instructor. Again, be sure you keep track of the password. Exit the Records Management System.
  4. Open the admin.exe file (RMS) again, using the instructor password. Create one class, enroll one student and assign lessons.
  5. Open the menu.exe file (Student Menu) and log in with the student ID. Take a test and exit.
  6. Open the Records Management System, using the instructor password to view student records. If records of the student test you just took do not appear, double check your network permissions. When permissions are not set correctly, student records cannot be written to the system.