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ModuMath HelpInstallationNetwork Installation 

The ModuMath courseware ships with one installation CD-ROM and several video lesson CDs or DVDs. The lesson CDs and DVDs can be used directly in workstations, or you may place the video files on your network. See the section on Video on the Network.

Install ModuMath to a mapped drive that is accessible to client workstations. Ideally, the path to the mapped drive should not be lengthy. Paths with 50+ characters will run into systems limitations if a large number of students are enrolled.

If you have a previous version of ModuMath installed, you may install a newer version over it without losing instructor/student records.


After the installation is complete, the following folder/file rights should be set:

ModuMath folder

instructors: full rights (Novell) or full control (Microsoft)

students: read and filescan (Novell) or read and execute (Microsoft)

Data subfolder (Note: Text files in the Data folder are encrypted for security.)

instructors: full rights (Novell) or full control (Microsoft)

students: grant all rights except deletion (Novell and Microsoft)


Remove all rights for instructors and students. This file will uninstall the software.


For desktop shortcuts on client computers, instructors should have access to the admin.exe file (Records Management System); students should have a shortcut that points to menu.exe (Student Menu).

To test network permissions and installation, see the Quick Start Section. Contact Technical Support if you have additional questions about installation.