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There are a few of situations that can cause a lesson to crash. Most of them have to do with problems playing the .mpg video files.

  • Windows Media Player must be the default application for playing .mpg files. If RealPlayer or QuickTime are used to open .mpg files, change the file association back to Windows Media Player. The Windows Help section on your computer has instructions on how to change associations for file extensions.
  • Some display cards may cause errors when playing .mpg video files. Try changing the hardware acceleration settings for the display card. Use Control Panel/Display to lower the acceleration setting. Note: do not lower the setting to ‘none.’
  • On some systems, other programs may cause errors in ModuMath. Some users have reported conflicts with ModuMath and Yahoo Messenger. If you have this program, use the Control Panel to remove it.
  • Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP may cause the student menu to fail if class properties were set to hide the desktop.
  • A Microsoft update may cause an Authorware runtime error with directme.x32 on some Windows XP computers. To fix the problem, locate the menu.exe file in the root level of the ModuMath folder. Right click on menu.exe to change the compatibility mode to Windows 2000.
  • A Microsoft update may cause an Authorware runtime error. You may need to turn off advanced Text Services. You can undo this Windows feature in Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options >>Languages>>Details>>Advanced. Check the box "Turn Off Advanced Text Services"