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Enrolling students is a straightforward process. Enter a first name, last name and ID. RMS will not allow you to enter an ID that has already been assigned to another student. Also, keep in mind that students use the ID to log in to the Student Menu program; choose an ID that students will remember. Social security numbers and school-assigned student ID numbers are usually memorized. If a student forgets his or her ID, you’ll find it listed in the Class Roster.


RMS blocks you from enrolling a student in a course where the student is already enrolled. To enroll an existing student in a new course, be sure to use the identical student name and ID.

Avoid enrolling hundreds of students in one class. This will affect the performance of RMS.

Avoid enrolling students while another instructor is working in RMS. You may receive a warning message that files are in use if another instructor is writing information to the system.

Before you enroll students, consider how you’ll make assignments to students in the class.

  • Giving each student in the class the same assignment
If you plan to make the same assignment for everyone in the class, enroll all of the students before you select the assignment method. Just click on Save & Enroll Another Student. Once you’ve enrolled all of the students in a class, return to the Class Menu and select Assign Lessons. From there you can make an assignment for the whole class.
  • Giving students in the same class different assignments
If you plan to assign different lessons to each student, or want some students to select their own lessons while others have lessons selected by the Assessment Test, it makes sense to assign lessons immediately after enrolling each student.