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If you have more than one course on your system, you’ll be asked to select a course before creating a class. For systems with just one course, RMS automatically selects that course.

Class Properties

Class properties and their defaults include:

Class Property
Default Value
class name
passing score
student records
same location as ModuMath installation
hide desktop

You may change the default properties for classes. After saving the class, however, you will not be able to change its properties.

Passing Score

The default passing score is set at 90%, but you may change it by typing in any value from 1 to 100. The passing score determines the test grade needed to advance to the next assigned lesson. For example, if the passing score is 90 and a student gets an 85 on Test 2, the student will not be able to proceed to Lesson 3 -- until he achieves a test score of 90 or better on Test 2. The passing score sets this limitation on all students who are assigned lessons by the instructor or by the Assessment Test. Students who are allowed to select their own lessons may study lessons and take tests in any order. However, only Guest students may retake a test that has been passed. See Assigning Lessons for more information on assignment methods.

Customize: Records on Diskette

By default, student records are stored in the same location as the ModuMath software. In the vast majority of cases, this is the best option for dealing with student records.

Storing records on diskette is designed for situations in which it isn’t possible or desirable to store records on a hard drive. For example, diskette storage can be used if a school provides laptop computers to students who live in remote locations. Diskette storage is also a good idea if computers are not networked, or if students cannot be given permission to write data to a network.

If you choose this option, you will need to install the ModuMath software on more than one hardware system. Students should log in to a different computer than the one the instructor used to register them and create their assignment diskettes.

As an instructor, you’ll need a diskette for each student. Each time you enroll and assign lessons to a student, you’ll be asked to insert a diskette. To upload student records back into RMS, you’ll have to collect the diskettes from your students.

Students whose records are stored this way will need their diskettes each time they log in to the Student Menu. A lost or damaged diskette means the loss of an entire student record. While students have physical access to their records on the diskette, it is nearly impossible for a student to change a grade or alter an assignment. The text files that store the records are encrypted. If a files is altered outside of the ModuMath software, decryption will result in nonsensical text. One other point about records storage on diskette: students who are enrolled in more than one course must have a separate diskette for each course.

Customize: Hide the Desktop

The option to hide the desktop applies to workstations that have a Windows desktop area greater than 640 × 480. If you choose to hide the desktop, a black border will appear around the student menu, lessons and tests. Students will only have access to the Windows Start menu by pressing the Windows key. The desktop returns to its normal view as soon as the student quits the program. If you decide not to hide the Windows Desktop, students who have displays set at greater than 640 × 480 will see any other applications that may be running behind the ModuMath Student Menu.


This option should not be used with Windows 2003 Server/Windows XP operating systems.