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The Class Summary provides cumulative information on assignments, lesson completions, time on task and grades.

Lessons Assigned: This column shows the number of lessons assigned to each student. The only lesson assignments counted are those made by the instructor or by the Assessment test. If a student is allowed to select his or her own lessons, the word “open” appears in this column.


Lessons Completed: A completed lesson is one in which the student has passed the test.

Total Hours: This shows the total time spent on lessons and tests.

Average Hours: This value is the result of dividing total hours by lessons completed.

Course Average: The course average is the student’s average of passed tests.

In addition to printing the Class Summary, you can save the data in a separate text file or spreadsheet file. When you click Create File, you’ll be asked to select where you want to save the file and what you want to name it. You’ll also be asked what type of file you want to save. You can save the data as an .xls file (Excel spreadsheet), or a tabbed text file which can be imported into other spreadsheet or database programs.