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The Class Roster gives you a quick overview of all the students enrolled in a class. The listings for Name, ID, and Last Use are self-explanatory. The remaining columns are explained below.


Current Lesson: This column displays the lesson a student is currently working on. The student may have already completed the lesson and taken the test; but until the student passes the test for the lesson, it is considered “current.” For example, if a student has passed Test 5, but not Test 6, the current lesson is Lesson 6.

Students who were not assigned lessons by the instructor or the Assessment Test will have “open” listed as their current lesson.

The current lesson may also be listed as “none.” This occurs when a student has not yet been assigned lessons, or when a student has passed all of the assigned tests.

Test Tries: This column refers to the number of failed test attempts on the current lesson. If a student has tried and failed the current test three or more times, an asterisk appears in front of the student’s name. You can use this feature to skim the Class Roster for students who are struggling with a particular lesson.

Course Average: The course average is based only on passed tests. Test scores for failed tests are not included in the average. If a student has passed no tests, the course average is listed as “None.”