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Back up your records on a regular basis. When you click Create Backup Folder, RMS creates a copy of all the files that hold student records. The records are stored in a folder with today’s date, so you can only have one backup per day. After you create a backup, you’ll see the backup listed by the date it was created. The list of backups also displays the name of the person who created the folder and the time it was created.


If you suspect that files on your system have been corrupted, call Technical Support for assistance in replacing corrupted files with the files you backed up. File corruption can manifest itself in a number of ways. The most common indicator is nonsensical text in student records or in lists of student names.

The Back Up Records feature allows you to create as many backup folders as you like. However, if more than 10 are created, you’ll see a suggestion to delete some backups. There’s no need to keep large numbers of backup folders if you are not seeing any signs of file corruption. Deleting some of these folders will free space on the hard drive.