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You can assign lessons immediately after enrolling a student, or by selecting Assign Lessons from the Class Menu. Selecting Assign Lessons lets you assign lessons to an individual student or to all unassigned students.


If you decide to assign lesson plans to an individual student, select the student from the class. RMS will warn you if that student already has an assignment. Giving a student a new assignment will overwrite all of the student’s existing records. However, this might be desirable if you decide a student needs more -- or less -- time studying certain lessons.

Assignment methods include:

By the Instructor: Instructors can assign all lessons or selected lessons in a course. Students may proceed to the next lesson when they get a passing score on the test for the current lesson. Assigning lessons with this method is a good option if you have a specific lesson plan in mind, or if you know particular topics the student needs to work on.


By the Assessment Test: With this option, students must take the Assessment Test the first time they log in to the Student Menu. The test automatically assigns lessons based on the student’s incorrect answers. The test adapts to a student’s answers so that students who miss the “easy” questions at the beginning will not be forced to answer the harder questions later in the test. The test automatically assigns the lessons associated with the more difficult questions.

Once the Assessment Test has made an assignment, students proceed through their lesson plans the same way as instructor-assigned students. They advance to the next lesson only when they pass the test for the current lesson.

With this assignment method, it’s likely that students in the same class will be working on different lessons. Instructors can see which lessons were assigned to each student by viewing the Student Performance Summary in the Records Menu. You can verify a student took the Assessment Test by checking the Student Activities report.

By the Student: Students who are assigned lessons with this method have open access to all of the lessons in a course. The student may view lessons or take tests in any order. Since open access students don’t have to pass a test before proceeding to the next lesson, they may have more than one current lesson. This assignment method is a good option for students who are self-directed learners or when the course is used as a supplemental learning resource.